What is Time for Trello?

Time for Trello is a web application that collects and displays time tracking data from the well-known and highly appreciated Trello.

What is Trello? It's a free collaboration project management tool which helps everybody who works in a sort of Kanban/Scrum-style framework.

Time for Trello is not standalone software, it is an add-on application to Trello.

Time for Trello uses data entered in Trello to be able to collect time information about your projects, tasks and team members.

You can start using Time for Trello in a second after sign-up, it's as useful, simple, and easy to use as Trello itself.

Why we love Trello?

  • it's simple
  • it's easy to use
  • it's following Kanban/Scrum
  • it has exactly the features we need
  • it has a very nice and intuitive user interface
  • our clients love it
  • it makes out life so much easier...

Why Time for Trello?

We followed the lives of applications that track time, which is somehow connected to the work done in Trello.

All of these applications lacked something we really need: maybe a function, maybe a display form or only simplicity.

So we created our own time tracking and time management application: Time for Trello.

Time management in Trello has never been as easy as in Time for Trello.

No hassle to set it up. You can use it in three minutes after registration.

No software or add-on to download or install, use it out-of-the box.

Not bound to a specific browser. It is working with any browser application that works with Trello.

No change in Trello board, list and card structure or positions. You don't have to order your objects in Trello in a specific way, everything stays as it was set up by you.

You don't even have to log in to Time for Trello, it just works in the background, tracking time information about your work.

Time for Trello also works with Trello's official mobile applications.

No need to install an app on your mobile phone or tablet: our application's mobile view can be used on any device with an up-to-date browser.

Use Trello as your workplace. You already know Trello and we don't want to add any more complexity to your daily work.

Time for Trello because...

  • it contains only the functions you need
  • there are no over-complicated menus
  • you can use Trello as you would, only use Time for Trello when needed

Who uses Time for Trello?

Time for Trello was created with teams in mind, however it can be used by individuals as well.

If you have a team, you sign up to Time for Trello and you will get every information about boards you are on.

If you are a manager/team leader, you can get an overview of all boards you are linked to, even when the people who are working on those boards are not members of Time for Trello.

Any user who uses Trello can see the benefit of Time for Trello. You can be a developer, a product owner or a manager.

Some of our users are single developers, a one-man-army as we call them. Time for Trello is great for them to see their progress of work not only function-wise but also time-wise.

Any smaller group, bigger team or organization using Trello can use our application.

All group leaders or managers should use Time for Trello to get a quick overview or get detailed information about their team.

Usage examples

  • developers can follow their progress
  • product owners can report on several levels
  • managers can create invoices more precisely and easily