Service tier 2 functionality is available

2015-04-08 22:24:03

We are still free and we are ready with our service tier 2 functionality. Some are interesting, some are boring, some are major and some have little impact. Nonetheless; they are important for us and we hope they will be important for our users as well.

Export data to Excel format

Maybe CSV export is not so nice. It has its place and time but its drawbacks too.

Now you have the option to export directly to Excel 2007/2010/2013 format (xlsx) with formatting for numbers and dates. If you are in the Windows-world you do not have to import CSV anymore.

Auto-sum on a report list

Another nice add-on is that you can see a sum on report lists per page and per filtered data.

No more calculating outside the application or paging back and forth to see times collected.

Pie chart and bar chart

Nice visualization of filtered data on a pie chart or on a bar chart. Filtering is the same as on report lists and you can select a viewpont; board, card, or member. We are also thinking of week and month groups having this dimension in the list as well.

Monthly report in email

Finally you do not even have to log in to Time for Trello when a monthly report is enough. It is monthly, so if you select it in Settings you will get it on the 1st day of the following month. The format is still work in progress but we will give you some options here too.

Some optimization and other stuff

We also made some optimization in our code to make it faster and nicer. Most probably you won’t see a thing about them, but if you have thousands of data lines, you won’t see any slowdown. Refreshes are faster, less bandwidth-consuming and user experience is more smooth.

Not to mention that these features are also important for maintainability and future releases.