New mobile design

2015-03-22 10:48:17

Do you want to see our new mobile design?

Well, you are already looking at it.

There are not so many changes for the first sight but it was a big job.

We launched with a design which looked fair on mobile devices. Not very good but fair enough to be usable. We implemented more and more functions and we lost the mobile look along the way somehow.

Then we realized that one fourth of our visitors are using our application on mobile devices. We never thought of using an application like this on mobile as this is more of a back-office functionality. We had to make a move to make our application usable again for everybody. So I made this our priority on our Time for Trello development board in Trello.

There were some smaller tasks like menu, forms, minor resizing problems, but most of the work was done on the Reports page. It was not really a redesign but rather a rethinking of how it works and how can we make it usable on a smaller screen resolution.

We had to think about its functions, start from the basics and work our way up to the final version. We used our Trello board intensively; there were some heated discussions, created tons of sketches, wireframes and proofs of concept until everybody agreed.

We are a small team with limited resources and I’m proud that we managed to finish it in such a short time.

This also meant some small changes in the non-mobile look once we had to touch it anyway, but it became a benefit for all users whether you are using a big monitor on your PC, a moderate-sized display on a laptop, a smaller one on tablet, or a mobile phone with smaller screens and very different resolutions.

Next task: don’t lose focus on the mobile design anymore!