Honeymoon is over

2016-05-24 19:33:37

Hi Folks, we have officially started Tier 3 service according to plan! Here are some of the content highlights and improvements we are enrolling:

  • tier 3 functionality. For more information, please check the features page,
  • cards and board rename are now working,
  • reports can now be sorted by card name,
  • we have also received questions regarding paid service. Now that Tier 3 is out, you can support us via subscriptions

Major bug fixes:

  • fixed an issue where months were always 30 days
  • fixed issues with Google and Facebook authentications
  • fixed issues with password reminders and social media authentication
  • fixed processing cards with time frame of :00

Now that the main features are in place, we more than welcome all feedback and bug reports from you folks! Thank you for your continuous support, and stay productive!