Hello social networks!

2015-10-28 08:21:36

We are proud to anounce our latest developments: Facebook and Google login integration.

You can register and login with your Facebook and Google account from now on.

Why is it good for you?

It simplifies your access to Time for Trello because you don’t have to remember one more user-password combination.

Furthermore, if you are logged in to your favourite social network all the time, you don’t even have to enter anything, only click on the appropiate button on our site and after a quick negotiation you are logged in to Time for Trello.

Is it safe, you could ask. Certainly it is!

We are using OAuth , which is a secure authorization protocol. We don’t store any information about your social login credentials or social pages and we won’t have access to anything apart from your login name.

Social logins are working in a way that we get only the information about your successful or unsuccessful login attempts and your login name.

Does it have disadvantages? Unfortunately, it does.

First of all if you are at a location where social networks are blocked then you cannot use this feature.

Another disadvantage is that if you lose your social login or your social account is compromised then you can lose control of your Time for Trello account as well.

We are working on Twitter login integration too, but we have faced some problems with identification ourselves on Twitter. We won’t give up, and as soon as we manage to do this, Twitter login will be available.

There a lot of small touches here and there of course and we already started to develop tier 3 functionality.