Frequently Asked Questions

2015-01-01 11:47:00

  • What is Trello?
    • “Trello is the free, flexible, and visual way to organize anything with anyone.”

      Trello is a nice collaboration tool based on the idea of a board with sticky notes. It is much more than one board and sticky notes, but it quite sums up.

  • What is Time for Trello?
    • Trello lacks time tracking and this is a hot topic in support forums.

      There are some applications but all of them are out of scope for us for some reason.

      We created our own application to track time spent on projects. Our main goal was simplicity, ease-of-use and no hassle with any additional installs or even with leaving Trello, which you are using anyway during daily work.

  • What kind of logins are available?
    • Currently you can use you email to register or use your Google or Facebook login.

  • Are my social data safe?
    • We are using OAuth , which is a secure authorization protocol.

      We don’t store any information about your social login credentials or social pages and we won’t have access to anything apart from your login name.

      Social logins are working in a way that we get only the information about your successful or unsuccessful login attempts and your login name.

  • Do you have a mobile application or a browser extension?
    • No, we don’t because there is no need for it.

      Time for Trello works directly from Trello without requiring any installation.

      We are not bound to any browser, operating system or extension/plugin.

      Our application even works with the official Trello mobile application out of the box.

      Time for Trello can be accessed from your favourite browser any time on desktop or on mobile devices.

  • What is time tracking?
    • Time tracking is when you record time spent on tasks. Time for Trello is tracking time you spent on Trello cards. It does not do it automatically, so it is more of a timesheet-type application.

  • Do I need time tracking?
    • If you want to know who worked on what, when and how much then you do.

      If you would like to present time spent on a work to your team leader, to your employees or to your customers then you definitely need it.