Does mobile design matter?

2015-02-28 16:49:23

Google will expand its ranking modell with the rate of mobile-friendliness starting April 21. Is it really so important?

It is actually.

We have learned that even if we didn’t plan our application to be mobile-friendly because of its nature, nearly one fourth of our visitors use it on mobile and tablet devices.

We consider mobile design an important factor.

Our design is mostly built with Bootstrap so it is responsible by design. But we have made some changes in the layout to make it work well with functionality.

Some elements are now out-of sync with the mobile look and we have to make it look sexy again on mobile devices. Tablets are not a big problem as they have the necessary screen resolution but mobile phones are tricky ones.

Trello has an awesome mobile application so it does not need much mobile optimization on the native page. We are not planning a mobile app right now as it would make no sense with the current limited functionality.

    What we see at the moment:

  • menu needs to be redone
  • forms have some strange look
  • avatar is not necessary, only taking up place
  • video is too big in howto section
  • reports page in registered area does not fit

The changes are on the way, I have seen them on our development environment and trust me it will look good and will be easy-to-use on mobile and tablet devices again.