2016 – Happy New Year!

2016-01-10 18:48:06

Happy New Year!

Our first whole year passed and it was filled with hard work and pleasure.

A big thank you to all of you who were with us along this journey.

Thanks for all your feedback, questions, suggestions, and criticism.

Without you, Time for Trello could not be the application as it is today.

We made some changes, here is a small list about them:

  • you can select from an extended list of date formats
  • you can also select your preferred time format
  • select CSV separator for export
  • found and corrected a nasty bug with times with decimals
  • registration password check updated
  • and a lot of small things here and there

We still have a lot on our to-do list as we would like to incorporate more and more functions from the ideas you gave to us.